Grey Gray Braided Cloth Covered Wire Electrical Cord


Braided fabric 3-core color cord suitable for pendant lighting and portable light fixture.

Price quoted here is per meter and it is in Australian Dollar.

To order please type in the length in meter. You may order as much as you need for your project. We will send you the color cord in continuous length. In case of continuous length is not possible, we would contact you immediately.

If you would like to use this cord for a light fixture or any electrical devices, please consult a licensed electrician.

*Due to various monitor settings and calibrations, colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.


Grey Gray Braided Cloth Covered Wire Electrical Cord Specification

Standard : SAA CE VDE
Size: 3*0.75mm2
No.of conductor: 3
Conductor Material: copper
Insulation/Jacket:Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Max Temperature: 105 ┬░C
Voltage Rating: 220V
Braided Jacket: Rayon,Cotton,Polyester,linen

This beautiful fabric color cord is a perfect addition to any lamp or small appliance such as fans and radios. Also, it is a great way to replicate that vintage industrial age charm. It has 3 core wire allows you to use a ground wire, although most lighting situations won’t require one, in which case just leave it unused.

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